Crzy Lvrs (/ˈkreɪzi/ /ˈlʌvə/), n. [pl. Crzy Lvrs], a community of creatives that work collectively to make a positive impact in society.

We are an organization of young, ambitious entrepreneurs who have a vision to make an impact in the creative industry. We decided to combine our diverse talents to create a unique, distinguished managing agency. Our goal is to work alongside creatives to provide connections, resources, and inspiration for their projects. We provide various services so that our artists can continue to pursue their dreams. We promote openness, fairness, and transparency with all negotiations and business dealings.

We have built a community of Lvrs who are passionate, open minded, and enthusiastic. We hope that those within the community will use their talents and experience to help one another grow, learn, and succeed! Our agency alone has experience in design, label management, project management, business administration, and artist development.

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Join the movement.

Maddie Drew

Director / Artist Relations

James Guerné

Director / Business Development

Pablo Smith

Director / A&R and Music